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2016 RAM 1500 - Same bad result twice

Left the radio on while cleaning the inside of the truck, battery died, ended up jumping it then replacing it because the truck wouldn’t hold a charge.Dealer said they couldn’t a problem but truck now works ?? Now for the second time a new battery died while playing music, again jumped the battery and again it will not hold a charge. New battery is 4 months old Is anyone else having these type of issues??? This is only happening when it the battery dies and when
you jump that it doesn’t hold a charge 2016 4x4 laramie

Twice you ran the battery down with the radio and twice you had to replace the battery. Don’t you think that is a hint?? How long did you run the truck each time it needed a jump? If it wasn’t at least 30 to 45 minutes, then no wonder the battery wouldn’t “hold” a charge, it never got a full charge

Normally, that wouldn’t be a problem but this truck doesn’t seem to want to recharge a fully depleted battery with the alternator. The truck may be protecting the alternator from an overly large current draw. Maybe if you’d recharge the battery with a charger instead of the truck, the battery would be OK.

In any event, stop running the battery down with the radio unless you want to keep replacing batteries.

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