2016 Mazda CX-5 - Brakes

Squeaking brake noise. Why would my dealer make me replace the back brakes on my 2016.5 Mazda CX 5 at 1500 miles, and 4,500 miles? Current mileage 4595 miles, bought new from dealer.

Hmm, 3 YO vehicle with only 4595 miles?
The only thing I can think of is rust from lack of use.
If the dealer is doing this under warranty I think you are lucky.
If being done at your cost, why not have an independent mechanic inspect it.


Its at my cost. Its our second car that the wife uses mainly for church visits. Has anyone reported issues with Mazda back brakes?

What, exactly, was replaced? Disc brake pads? Rotor? Parking brake shoes?

Did they show you the worn parts?

This is the first time I’ve seen this problem here, it’s very unusual.

The dealer can’t make you replace the brakes. I suspect they offered to replace the brake pads because you complained about brake noise. What was the reason for them to inspect the brakes at such low mileage?


At my cost, they replaced rear brake pads at 1107 miles, and replaced rear brake pads at 4279 miles.

On the last visit, I requested the worn parts, they showed me one good pad and one seriously used pad. They claimed the other pads were already thrown out.

Then there is either something wrong with the brakes, or somebody is resting their foot on the brake pedal as they drive. If you’re sure it’s not the latter, I’d elevate this with Mazda.

One other possibility - they’re lying about the pads, but that seems pretty unlikely. How did you learn you needed pads each of the prior two times? Did the pad wear indicators start making noise?

Thanks. Contacted Mazda, they promised to investigate with the Dealer.

That’s a very unusual symptom at such low miles. Suggest to feel the rear wheels after a drive. If they are warmer than the front, or both front and rear are quite hot, there’s something keeping the rear brakes on at least slightly, for some reason. Common possibilities

  • parking brake cable rusted or other problem with parking brake mechanism
  • rear caliper(s) not sliding properly on the caliper rail pins
  • or caliper piston is sticking
  • hydraulic system problem
  • ABS problem
  • brake master cylinder problem
  • brake proportioning valve problem
  • If the driver were pushing on the brake pedal while driving I’d expect that to affect the front brakes more than the back, but that should still be considered.

My guess is a problem with the parking brake system.

Thanks. Best guidance to date. The rear brakes were hot.