2018 Mazda CX-9 needs brake work

I’ve complained 2x about brake making noise when braking at low speeds. dealer said they couldn’t reproduce the issue but see heat spots on rotors. they machined the rotors 2x, at different times.

Now at 26k miles i’m being told that my rear bads need to be replaced and front rotors have heat spots again. they want $500 to replace pads and machine rotors again.

3rd party shop found groves in the rear rotors and uneven pad wear. they also recommend replacing all rotors and breaks. They said the issue could be due to faulty break system (calibers etc.)

This is crazy that i’m having to do brake work so early on this new car.

I think you need to go back to the dealership again, and consider escalating your complaint higher up the ladder at Mazda per your owners manual. I know brake components are considered wear items and not always warrantied, but your car is still new enough that the factory warranty should be in full effect.

Assuming you generally drive and brake gently, I agree with you

If the rotors have grooves worn into them, it seems like road debris is getting between the pas and rotors. What is the road surface like? You might be kicking up sand or asphault particles that cause the grooving. I’m used to seeing grooves from the wear bars on brake pads, but you say the brakes aren’t worn that much.