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2016 Mazda Mazda6 - Squeeks

My car breaks making a squeaking noise while breaking,I have this problem after first replacement of my front and rear pads.but the dealer refused to exchanged the brakes ,even with the life warranty on them ,telling that it’s still have 4 mm.The Mazda USA customer care center didn’t help me at all even after 3 or more complaints ( just promised to investigate and not respond for months).the Mazda’s dealerships are independent and it’s a waste of time to complain about their bad service and bad parts to the manufacturer !so my advice is don’t buy the Mazda if you don’t want to be screwed up.

Brake pads are a wear item not covered by the factory warranty . That is the case with most companies so that is why corporate did not help . A problem like this is not specific to Mazda . Also expecting a replacement for the pads is a little unrealistic. Your best course is to contact a independent brake service and ask if they have a solution other than all new pads . You could ask the dealer service department if they have any ideas but I suspect you may have complained enough that they might not .

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