2016 Kia Sedona - tachometer light stays on

Tachometer light stays on when car starts. just began 10/14/20

Are you sure it’s a tachometer light? That’s an unlikely thing. Does the owners manual describe the light’s symbol and its meaning?


^+1 My first thought was an indicator for too high RPMs but I don’t think so. Can you describe the light? What shape is the little icon? Is there any accompanying lettering?

It’s probably the TPMS light, because OP’s tires have lost pressure as the weather got colder. Note its location in many cars:

I don’t think that any cars have a “tachometer light”, but all modern cars have a warning light for low tire pressure, and that warning light is frequently displayed in or near the tachometer.

Advice for the OP:

  1. Open the glove box, and take the Owner’s Manual out of the glove box.
  2. Read (at least) the section of the manual that explains the instrument panel displays and the various warning lights.
  3. If this warning light turns out to be the light warning you of low tire pressure, then you need to resolve that situation by inflating the tires (including the spare tire) to the correct pressure.
  4. Purchase a hand-held tire pressure gauge, and get into the habit of checking your tire pressure regularly.
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