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Help Jeep Grand Cherokee 2004

I have a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee it idles perfect drives perfect but !! When it drive and stopped at a light or something the car vibrates bad but as soon as I put it in neutral or park it completely stops vibrating need help !! On why it’s vibrating it has 167,000 miles

Why spend money fixing this on a 13 year old car with 167k when you can either ignore it or put it in neutral?

167K miles is not that much. If taken care of it should go 250K miles.

I would check the motor mounts.


You might have a torque converter problem there OP. Suggest to check the transmission fluid level. If it’s been a long time since a proper tranny service has been done, this would be a good time to do one.

Besides the ideas above, engine misfires can cause that problem too, or just that the idle rpm is too low for some reason. Both will show up when the engine is loaded up by the torque converter in drive and the brakes applied, but not in neutral or park, where the torque converter isn’t working against anything. Engine misfires can be due to low compression, ignition system problems (spark plugs, coils, crank/cam position sensors), and fuel mixture problems.

Is the check engine light on? Even if it isn’t, good idea to check for pending diagnostic codes in the engine computer memory. Checking the fuel trims is a good idea too.

If you feel lucky, you might just have a battery low voltage problem. A shop can check for that, doesn’t take much time.

Motor mounts just replaced 3 days ago I went to auto zone for a diagnostic
test it said something about an o2 sensor which affects your gas mileage
not really concerned with that the moment but this vibrating is not only
annoying but shouldn’t be happening

An O2 sensor diagnostic code could indicate a fuel mixture problem. And it can indicate ignition system problems.

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Check engine light is on but o2 senor code pulled up it idles perfect right where it’s supposed to

How is this problem fixed here in mobile we have a great transmission shop does great work I have an appt to bring it to him Thursday he said he would look and see what it is but if it’s a torque problem this dealer can have his dang car back ! Oh not to mention I just bought this car 2 weeks ago !

Do you think it could just be it needs a tune up ?

I wouldn’t dismiss the O2 code quite as quickly as you seem to want to. Suggest you post the actual code number here.

They didn’t give me a code he just told me it was an o2 sensor and didn’t even tell me which one when my brother changed my mounter mounts he said the o2 sensors looked good

Motor mount on passenger side has been replaced have to replace drivers side but it was too big of a job for my brother

You can’t tell whether or not this thing is good or bad by looking at it. I have a feeling that the o2 code is the result of a valid emission issue, perhaps a dirty maf sensor or map. I don’t know what your car has.

Makes for a fun drive in rush our stop and go traffic.