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Honda Odyssey 2006 sounds like a fire engine siren

I have a 2006 Honda Odyssey with a little less than 50,000 miles on it. I love my car!! It is so comfortable and so durable. But… lately if I have been driving at a high rate of speed, such as on the highway,for an extended period of time (at least 20 minutes) when I slow down or come to a stop it sounds like a quiet fire engine siren. I can’t think of any other way to describe. Of course, I took it to my Honda service center and they couldn’t replicate the sound. I even took the service person for a ride, but we didn’t go far enough for it to happen. They said they gave it a thorough once over, but it is still happening. I don’t want to take it back to them until I have something to guide them in the right direction. Do you have any idea what it might be??? It is really driving me crazy. I love my Honda and I really want it to last me a very long time.



" . . . when I slow down or come to a stop it sounds like a quiet fire engine siren. "

Does it continue to make the noise at a full stop or does the noise go away when the vehicle comes to a complete stop ?

Are you positive ?

I know what will cause a drone or moan noise at approximately 2100 rpm, but this particular noise should abate a little above or below that engine speed.

Please respond and we’ll go from there.


[b]I Know Another Possibility. When The Noise Starts, Can You Make The Noise Stop By Pressing The Accelerator ?[/b]


Does It Feel Like The Engine Has “Excessive” Vibration With The Noise, While Slowing Or At Idle ?


Eureka ! I Believe I’ve Got It !

Have you taken note of the outside temperature when the noise is present ?

I have found a problem and solution for 2006 Odysseys that includes a description of the sound you hear after driving for 30 minutes in outside temperatures around 35F to 40F.

Do I have it ?


elaine . . . ELAINE ! Are You Still With Us, Elain ? Talk To Us, Elaine. Don’t You Want To Know How To Fix That 2006 Honda Odyssey ?

I guess she can’t hear me over that siren noise.


I am here!! No the noise does not stop when I press the accelerator. The only way to rid the noise is to shut the engine off an restart it, or drive at a lower rate of speed for a while. There is no excessive vibration. I don’t know if it is only between certain temperatures, I never considered checking that, but it certainly could be a possibility. Also, there is no change in the rpm’s with or without the noise.
Everyone that has looked at is stumped, including Honda! I hope you have the answer.

Elaine, How Thoroughly Did Honda Look Through Their Own TSBs (Technical Service Bulletins), Written For Their Technicians To Use In Solving Recurring Problems ?

I saw at least four that address 2006 Odyssey noises, but the one that caught my attention is as I described. It covers all 2005 - 2007 Odesseys and addresses customer complaints of a whine, buzz, or hum at the time elapsed interval and temperatures that I’ve given.

It’s that 30 minutes into the drive that jumped out at me !

The cause is a defective power steering pump reservoir (small plastic fluid tank). The fix is a “revised” Honda power steering fluid reservoir.

I’m not saying that for sure this is the culprit, but is sounds like it. The bulletin discusses diagnosing the problem for the technicians (complete with color pictures) and outlines the repair procedure.

This repair was paid by Honda while the vehicle was still under warranty, but unfortunately you’ll probably need an estimate.

They love it dealerships when the customers help (right), but ask if they’ve checked TSBs, especially Honda Service Bulletin # 07-005 (06/17/08), pertaining to steering. They may as well look at the others, too, if they haven’t.

With your low mileage, I’d definitely ask for consideration of customer goodwill by the District Parts & Service Manager or your Zone Office to help with the expense.

Check it out, Elaine.

Good Luck,

Thank you. I am calling Honda tomorrow. Luckily, I am still under warranty! (we got the extended bumper to bumper) Unless they find a reason this isn’t covered.
This has been very helpful… it gives me a place to start. I am hoping this is the solution.
Again, thank you very much!! I will post when I find out if this was the solution.

Elaine, You’re Welcome. That’s Good News About That Warranty Coverage. Thanks For Keeping Us Posted. We Appreciate The Feedback.


I had this same exact problem 2 years ago on my 2005 Honda Odyssey. The dealership replaced the resevoir per the service bulletin. 20 months/35K miles later the problem was back! Then they replaced the inlet pipe O-ring on the power steering pump, which did NOT fix the problem. If anyone knows why this is recurring, please let me know. This seems to be a chronic problem with 2005-2006 Odysseys.