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2016 Honda HR-V - Gas gauge

The gas guage/mileage display on my HR-V randomly goes out. I took the car to the dealership, and they claimed that my warranty had expired, and that they couldn’t duplicate the problem. They then sent me home. Now, my display starts blinking rapidly, the time is reading 6:96, and -40 degrees outside. It also blinked a maintenance code, but it was to jumbled to read. Then something about no battery flashed. The battery has just been changed within the last 6 months.

Your warranty was for 36000 miles or 36 months which ever came first . That is why they claimed your warranty had expired I assume.
Unless a shop can see the dash problem they will not just replace it. This repair cost will be on you so call a few independent shops and ask if this is something they can solve.

Do you mean the Check Engine Light came on or the “Service Required” light? If it was the former there should be a code stored. Unfortunately the latter is just an oil change reminder and it won’t help.

A bad BCM can cause those problem.


I’d start w/a simple battery/alternator test. Before first start of the day the battery should measure about 12.6 volts. Then immediately after starting the engine, 13.5 -15.5 volts. What does your shop measure? Also ask your shop to read out all the diagnostic codes and you can post them here for more ideas. engine codes are in this format: Pxxxx; body control module codes are Uxxxx. I’m guessing you may have a U0140, which means the body control module isn’t responding to inquiries from the other computers in the car. Your shop may require a specialty scan tool to be able to read U codes. A Honda dealership would have it.

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