HHR Electrical/Computer Problems

I am so frustrated I can’t tell you. My 2007 HHR has had electrical problems since I bought it used. The radio would fade out, the odometer, clock & speedometer lights would go off, all intermittently. I took i t back where I bought it & they couldn’t find a problem. I drove it for about 3 years & finally took it to the Chevy Dealership. they couldn’t find the problem. They asked me to bring it back when it was malfunctioning, so I did. Their answer was "the radio and speakers do not work. Well, DUH!!! I argued with them because it was intermittent, it had to be wiring or a computer problem. After 3 visits I gave up and bought a new radio and speakers for $1,000. The lights on the clock, speedometer & odometer still go out intermittently. Now my car door locks don’t work right. I have operated them manually as the remote has a broken wire. Now when push the door lock it doesn’t work intermittently. The lock keeps popping back up. I can manually push it down. but I’m reaching the end of my rope. I don’t know where or who to go to to report all this. I don’t think the dealership reported to GM. Can I do it myself?

Could you stop by an auto parts store that does free reading of codes and tell us if there are any stored codes? BCM or Body Control Module going bad might be one possibility.

I take it the battery connections are clean and tight. Also, check and clean the chassis and engine grounds. Whe it’s flaking out, put a meter across the battery and see what the voltage is and if it’s steady. If all that is good, it’s probably the BCM.

Are you sure this wasn’t in a flood? Sure sounds like some wiring connection problems. Someone needs to go through and disconnect and reconnect the various wire plugs, check for good contacts and maybe clean them. Bad grounds will do some of that too.

There is really nothing to report to anyone though, just some tough to find intermittant problems that someone needs to work through at $100 an hour.