2016 Honda HR-V - Fuel gauge

Same problem on my 2016 HRV with 29,251 km. I’m 85 and do not drive much it’s under 5 yrs and 80,000 km I heard this repair could cost me 2000$?There has been millions of fuel gauge recalls (inaccurate) readings My gauge shows overfull and my estimated distance says 200km.Isn’t this a recall? Or emissions warranty ?

Fuel gauges do not affect emissions.
When I had a vehicle with a faulty fuel gauge I just filled it every 100-200 miles.
If you want it fixed, check with an independent shop, since your warranty has expired.

I sympathize with your problem and hope this is helpful. First, if you want to know if your vehicle has an open recall, just ask your dealer. They have no reason not to be open and honest. Recall work earns them money paid by the Mfg. If you wish, you can look to see if there are recalls for your specific vehicle yourself here. Here is a separate point. It seems as if your vehicle is still under the powertrain warranty. Perhaps the issue is covered by that, perhaps not. Well worth taking it to the dealer and asking them to look it over. Keep your documentation. If a repair is needed that is later covered by a future recall, Honda will likely reimburse you. Best of luck.

The same as… whom?

In The US, recalls are typically done only for safety-related issues, and I suspect that you don’t reside in The US, so things could be different in your country.

I’m having a hard time understanding how a malfunctioning fuel gauge could be related to the Emissions Warranty, but if you read the verbiage in your Owner’s Manual regarding that warranty, it will list the components that are covered by that warranty. Does the manual mention the fuel gauge under that coverage? Maybe you will luck-out.

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Recalls are for vehicles with safety issues.

An inaccurate fuel gauge is not a safety issue.

Nor is it an emissions issue.

It’s a mechanical issue.


What repair, exactly? Who told you this? For a bad gas gauge??

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There have been numerous Honda/Acura vehicles recalled for faulty fuel pumps and you may be thinking of that but it’s a different problem and doesn’t even apply to the 2016 model year. AFAIK no recalls for fuel gauges. Honda HR-V Recalls | Cars.com

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A higher than normal gauge reading is generally because there is less resistance in the gauge sender circuit.
Bent float arm, gauge itself a problem, etc.

A lower than normal gauge reading is generally due to higher resistance in the circuit. Meaning corrosion on a connector, bent float arm, or gauge itself a problem.
A lowered voltage to the gauge could also possibly be a cause.

It would take a little time with an ohmmeter to sort it out.

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… and it would have to be done at the owner’s expense if–as I strongly suspect–Honda refuses to do a non safety-related recall or to provide free repairs on this 5 year old car.

True enough. It’s very understandable why any customer would balk at paying for the diagnosis of electrical glitches. The great unknown is whether that 100 dollars an hour is going to involve 5 minutes, 5 hours, or 5 days.

There are generally some resistance readings possibly shown in a factory manual which provide numbers for a fully lowered and fully raised float arm. This would involve removal of the pump assembly. I have never done one of these vehicles so I have no idea whether or not the tank has to be dropped or if there is an access panel.

Only other option is to fill the tank and hopefully find an easy to access wire connector near the tank. The resistance reading at the FULL level could be done that way.
As for Recalls I have never heard of any vehicle being recalled for a gauge problem no matter what gauge is involved. Things fail at times and the customer has to make the fix it/ignore it decision.

My suspicion is the “$2000” figure is dropping the fuel tank and replacing the fuel pump/sending unit, and at dealer prices to boot.

If it were mine, I’d just fill it up every 200 miles, or something along those lines.

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The OP said he heard that it could cost 2000.00 not that he had an estimate . He also thinks there should be a recall so he is very confused . Maybe he will go to a shop and find out what he really needs.

That is an excellent point. Almost every time somebody tells me that they “heard” something, I am able to disprove their bogus belief with verifiable facts. Unless the OP actually gets estimates from a few independent mechanics’ shops, what he “heard” is likely to be inaccurate and highly inflated.

Yes, but I am willing to cut him a break on that point, simply because so many people don’t seem to understand the parameters for factory recalls. Similarly, many people seem to think that they can rely on a Lemon Law for a tired old used car, and some people seem to think that a factory warranty covers body damage from an accident.

Until people stop relying on “I heard”, the mass of misinformation will continue, unabated.

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Some of the emissions monitors rely on the fuel level reading to perform or defer the monitor until the fuel level is in the proper range.

If there are numerous failures the EPA can force the manufacture to perform a recall.

That is why I requested his source for this statement:
“There has been millions of fuel gauge recalls (inaccurate) readings”

It’s been four days, I think the OP is a one and done poster.

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There is a service campaign for the 2019 Honda Civic for fault code P0461; Fuel level sensor circuit range/performance and there may be many other examples;

Product Update: Fuel Level Sensor DTC P0461 Software Update (nhtsa.gov)

Does this sound like you ?

NHTSA ID Number: 10179862

Manufacturer Communication Number: APaS09102020906


Dealer Message - American Honda Motor Co., Inc. (AHM) is searching for certain 2016-2020 AWD HR-Vs with a customer complaint of inaccurate fuel gauge reading; less fuel remains in the fuel tank than indicated on the fuel gauge. To better understand the cause of this condition, AHM would like to collect specific parts from the vehicle prior to you attempting a repair of any kind.

Next Unread MessageView MessagePRIORITY/ACTION REQUIRED To: All Honda Service Managers/Advisors From: Technical Research & Support Group RE: Request for Parts: 2016-2020 HR-V AWD Inaccurate Fuel Gauge ReadingThis message is solely directed to Honda dealership personnel; please handle accordingly.Print this iN message and provide a copy to the Shop Foreman and all Service Advisors.BackgroundAmerican Honda Motor Co., Inc. (AHM) is searching for certain 2016-2020 AWD HR-Vs with a customer complaint of inaccurate fuel gauge reading; less fuel remainsin the fuel tank than indicated on the fuel gauge. To better understand the cause of this condition, AHM would like to collect specific parts from the vehicle prior to youattempting a repair of any kind.QualifiersAHM is interested ONLY if the vehicle meets the following requirements: 1. Vehicle must be an AWD. 2. Customer’s claim must be verified by refilling the fuel tank to full, proving that the amount of fuel needed had been more that what the fuel gauged indicated (e.g. fuelgauge indicates ½ fuel level but the fuel tank is actually nearly empty). → Take a photo of the fuel gauge prior to filling the tank. 3. Must confirm that the fuel pump & the secondary unit orientations are correct. 4. No repair has been attempted for this issue.Action RequiredIf a vehicle matching the qualifiers above comes into your dealership, please e-mail Technical Research & Support (TRS) attrs@ahm.honda.com. TRS will contact you to record certain vehicle information and provide you with further instructions.Please be sure to include the following information in your e-mail.E-mail Title: 1. Model Year (e.g. 2019) 2. Model Name (e.g. Accord) 3. Issue (e.g. Brake Judder) 4. VINE-Mail Body: 1. Dealer Number 2. Your Name 3. Best Phone Number to be Reached 4. Current Mileage 5. Picture of the fuel gauge prior to filling the tank. 6. Amount of fuel used to fill the tank to full.Thank you.Sent on08242020Expires on09072020FromParts and Service DivisionSubjectRequest for Parts: 2016-2020 HR-V AWD Inaccurate Fuel Gauge ReadingINTERACTIVE NETWORKAmerican Honda Motor Co., Inc.Page 1 of 1


Some good info from @vipergg !

After the passage of several months for diagnostic purposes and research, it is possible that Honda will begin a Service Campaign covering his vehicle. While a Service Campaign is not the same as a Factory Recall, it would provide free repairs, so he needs to contact American Honda in order to find out if a Service Campaign has been initiated.