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2013 Chevrolet Cruze - head gasket blew after water pump change

Did anybody have the water pump replaced and then the head gasket blew right after? If so Did GM cover it because thats what happened to me today. Just had it fixed 1 week ago. I put 150 miles on it after the repair.

You need to talk to the dealer and they will want to know where you had the water pump work done. As for anyone one replying to your question if they had this same problem is very unlikely . You are out of the warranty period so don’t get your hopes up about GM paying for this.

The dealer it is at is where the work was done and the repair was a warranty repair.

Why was the water pump replaced ?

I’m thinking original diagnosis was wrong, and you had a failing head gasket.

I think the leaking water pump caused the engine to overheat and engine damage occurred. It was one event, the tech didn’t realize that the head gasket was leaking when he replaced the water pump.


Provided the job was done correctly replacing a water pump would have no effect on the head gasket. It’s either

  • water pump replacement job wasn’t done correctly
  • head gasket was already damaged prior to the WP replacement job
  • Coincidence, head gasket damage occurred after WP job, but not b/c of it.

My guess it the failing water pump caused overheating. That in turn weakened the head gasket. Being a wak link in the chain it gave up after the new pump.

Eight years old with ? miles I would be surprised if GM offered any Good Will help unless you’re a solid repeat GM buyer and have been very vigilant about maintenance.
You could ask for a GW warranty but they may want you to go halfies on it. In a nutshell that would mean warranty rates apply and you would be paying all or most of it anyway.