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2007 Honda Crv water pump

About a month ago I took my 2007 Honda CRV (120k miles) to a Honda dealership to diagnosis
an undercarriage noise that happened intermittently. Based on my description, the
service guy said it was probably the cv joint but he wouldn’t recommend changing it.
He then sold me maintenance services including coolant flushing, plug change, fluid
changes (transmission, differential, etc.) for $700. He said the vehicle was in
decent shape but driving out of the parking lot, I heard a unfamiliar engine rattle.
Now, four weeks later, the noise is getting a lot worse so I had a few car guys take
take a listen. They both conclude that it sounds like the water pump is going. Two
questions: 1) is there any correlation between coolant flushing and water pump failure or
is this just my bad luck? 2) about how much should it cost for the dealer to
replace the water pump and should other work be done at the same time like
timing belt, tensioner belt? I can’t imagine that the technician didn’t hear the
water pump noise when they finished the coolant flushing, etc. Thanks.

I’ve done many coolant exchanges and not once did it effect the water pump.

These coolant exchange machines are simple devices. You disconnect the upper radiator hose from the radiator. Then the outlet of the machine is connected to the radiator. And the inlet connected to the upper radiator hose. The machine is then turned on without starting the engine, and the machine pumps new coolant into the radiator as collects the old coolant coming out of the upper radiator hose. So you’re basically circulating the coolant in the same manner of the water pump.

These machines can’t exceed the normal cooling system pressure because if they did it would cause the pressure cap to blow open. Which would cause a real mess.

Your vehicle has 120K miles on it. So it wouldn’t be unusual for the water pump to suddenly make noise.


Thanks, Tester. My car guy suggested that since I hadn’t had the coolant flushed before that debris could have dislodged and perhaps hastened the demise of the water pump. It sounded reasonable to me.

Any advice on whether I should just trade-in the CRV as-is, fix then trade it or keep it? I’m willing to invest in a new water pump and new tires but am worried about future repairs like transmission? The trade-in value for this car at a fair rating is about $5,900 and that’s not considering the water pump.

You can never tell what’s going to die down the road. You have to fix what’s broken and decide if the payments out weigh the repair costs. I tend to keep cars, unless they are total lemons( Dodge Intrepid). At $500 a month I can do a bunch of repairs. I would have the car gone over with a fine tooth comb by a good independent mechanic and see what he says.

Thanks, KNFENIMORE. I am of the same opinion. For the most part,
I think the car is in decent shape and like you said, I need to consider repair costs versus car payment.
Plus my insurance cost would increase with a new car, too.

Fix it and keep it. These are reliable cars. Change fluids ( including transmission and differential ) at recommended intervals and you’ll be fine.

Thanks, jesmed. I hope to get a few more years out of the vehicle.