2016 GMC Canyon transmission failure

At 49,000 miles the transmission failed. It is at the dealer getting a new torque converter and clutch plates. It is covered under warranty. This seems like a common problem with this vehicle.

That is a question you should have asked the dealer before you took it in if warranty cover’s it you are fine if warranty doesn’t cover it you would have been better to have taken it to a good independent transmission shop { much cheaper } and not a chain like amco mr transmission or the like.

As long as it’s being dealt with at no cost to you, and you are being provided with a loaner (if needed), what’s the issue?


The truck may be at an independent transmission shop. A friend bought a used car with a warranty from a new car dealer. When he inquired about the status of his car, the service manager told him it wasn’t back from X’s transmission shop.
When I had a transmission problem, I went directly to X’s transmission shop. This shop I found out did the transmission work for quite a few dealers. In my case, the car wouldn’t go into reverse. I could roll down my driveway into the street and park in a lot at the university where I could pull into a place where I could drive right out. Since I only used this car to go back and forth to work, I figured that reverse was only for wimps. However, after I had to push the car out of a parking place twice because someone parked in front of me and had not left when I was ready to go home, I decided that I was a wimp and had the transmission fixed. This was on my 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass that had about 150,000 miles on it at the time. It had the infamous TMS 200 transmission.

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Yes, this is a known problem with these vehicles.
Transmission Defects in GM Vehicles - TheLemonFirm.com.

After the OP gets his vehicle back following the free repair, I think that he might want to think about replacing it in a couple of years, before this happens again–without warranty coverage.

I think the replacement parts are upgraded. My son-in-law need the transmission replaced in his 2017 Colorado and he was told the defects have been identified and solved.

He can/should hope…

He can/should ask!

Assuming that he will be given a truthful response…

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