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2018 GMC Canyon - Trans issues

Any one else have trouble with their transmission slipping? They’ve already changed the torque converter and did updates but it’s still slipping.

Keep taking it back and keep all the service reports. If this is common on vehicles with this transmission GM may do a recall or publish a Technical Service Bulletin.
You might consider saving to trade it in when it nears the end of its Powertrain warranty if you still have concerns.
You can also look at the lemon laws for your state.

I think the OP would like to know how the transmission problem was resolved on your GMC Canyon. To “keep service reports” is like white noise, people normally keep service records, if one is missing the dealer can produce a copy.

I understand what you are saying. My reply is generic in that his/her Canyon might be the only one on this forum that has that problem.
On a truck that is no more than a year old it is GMs responsibility to correct the problem, hence the comment about lemon law. It might be unique to the OPs truck. The dealer needs to determine the cause and correct it. Who knows,if a unique problem, the cure might be replacing the transmission.

It hasn’t been resolved yet. Dealer thinks it has, but it hasn’t.

Look in your manual for contact info if the dealer can’t resolve this problem . You might even search for GMC Canyon specific forums . Also you can use any GMC dealer for repair.

Thanks. We are taking it to another dealership next week.