2016 Ford Mustang makes noise when decelerating

my mustang is making noise when decelerating from 50mph to 0mph. I serviced it regularly and miles on it are 16100.

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Your vehicle should have 36 month or 36000 mile warranty . Use it . Making noise is not enough to give even a guess as to what it is. A mechanic will need to hear it.

Possibly rear differential noise. It can be a bit of an issue on these cars. Let the dealer fix it under warranty.

Whining noise? Popping noise? Please describe.

thanks for the reply. When I asked the dealer he said it is turbo noise. mine is eco boost premium 2.3L turbo.

I am waiting for your reply. I can even hear roaring noise when driving from 40mph to 65mph. It just started around 15000 miles. Very disturbing and worried.

its like whining noise. I am hearing it first time after driving 15000 miles on my car. I can tell that noise is from engine. Before its smooth but not anymore.

This IS my reply. Take it to the dealer!

i asked my dealer and he said its turbo noise. mine is 2.3 Turbo

Well, then. have him demonstrate that noise on a turbo model he has in stock. If that car doesn’t whine like yours, insist he fix it under warranty.

And start getting everything in writing. You’ll want a receipt from the dealer indicating the reason it was brought in, and their diagnosis. That way if something happens after the warranty goes away you’ll have a record.

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You can also go to a different dealer. But keep all the paperwork, as mentioned above.

Thank you guys I will keep all the records with me after he diagnosis.