2016 Ford Focus - Fire!

Ford Focus 2.0L GDI, 6 speed automatic
Has anyone encountered: engine fire - appears to have started front passenger side.

There was a recall for the 1.6 liter engine. I’m not aware of anything for the 2.0 liter. Have a good mechanic determine the cause. If it appears to be a defect contact Ford.

If there are a lot of fires with a certain model the insurance companies will be looking into it, they do not want to pay out if the can get covered for a known problem. Unfortunately car fires happen, caused by bad wiring, bad maintenance, poor repairs, to rodents chewing wires. If the insurance company covered you, move on.

Get a fire extinguisher for your new car.

A good mechanic might be able to determine the cause. If you really want to dig into it there are forensic investigators who will do a cause and origin analysis, but will probably cost more than the car is worth.

Did you report it to your insurer? I’d guess your insurance won’t cover it. If they did, you probably wouldn’t ask about it. You need heat or a spark and something to burn. Gasoline leaking on a hot exhaust pipe might be the cause.