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2005 Ford Focus - CEL

My 2005 Ford Focus SES’ s engine light came on. Diagnostic tests say the code is P0171. Too lean bank 1. The car dies when coming to a stop. Took it to a mechanic I have been to before for oil changes. He drove it and it didn’t die but gas tank was about half full. I took it home and it drove fine but check engine light came back on after one day. Filled it up with gas and it died same day. Gas cap always clicks when I tighten it. Ford dealer wants to do a smoke test. Your thoughts appreciated.Thank you very much.

The Ford dealer’s suggestion makes sense.

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I feel the same way. Just needed to hear it from someone who knows way more than I do.Thank you very much for responding.

Smoke test of what? We had a gas line leak and a smoke test found it. We knew there was a leak though because we smelled gasoline just after shut down until the line pressure subsided. If you have a similar issue I think you would smell gasoline too.

Haven’t smelled gasoline yet. Thank you for responding.