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Cylinder 2 and 4 not firing

i found out the cylinders 2 and 4 wasnt firing on my car!!i changed the spark plugs and wires and it is still missing and losing power and will tend to over heat!!!frustrated is all i can say!!!please help!!

Not all cars are the same. Make model year mileage would help.

Yes, and give us more detail about “tend to overheat.”

its been overheating after driving the car for a bit and then sometimes it will not overheat!i dont know!!its a 4 cylinder and actually is my moms im trying to help her and truthfully getting a little frustrated!!cylinder 2 and 4 not woroking right ,losing power!!help!!!

man its a ford focus doc 4 cylinder vtech its got over 100,000 and its a 2002!!please help me me bro!!thanks

its a ford focus 2002 4 cylinder doc with a little over 100,000 miles.its been overheating alot but then sometimes it doesnt overheat and maintains power!

How do you know it’s specifically cylinders 2 and 4 that are misfiring? Has the check engine light come on, and the codes were read? Those would help us a great deal, but one guess at this point is perhaps a faulty ignition coil, assuming that both cylinders are tied to the same coil.

The overheating is very hard to diagnose without more information about when it happens. Does it happen when idling, in stop-and-go traffic, at highway speeds, all of the above? Do you hear the fan coming on? Does it only overheat when the A/C is running? When does it start to overheat, when does it cool back down?

Use an ignition coil from the salvage yard, for the misfire.
Make sure the radiator is full.
Swap the fan relay (in the relay box under the hood) with one of the other relays.

… and how do you know it is overheating?