2016 Ford Fiesta seat adjuster bar

ford fiesta 2016, passenger seat adjuster bar came off its runner clips, I put it back on nut the seat only slides forward and stops halfway back, ford claim part is not broke so is not covered under warranty…help

So, Ford got it to slide all the way back?

No, they didn’t touch it! I fixed it myself in 5 minutes, the seat lift bar was bent so wasn’t attached

Sounds like a win-win…happy motoring.


Yeah, except OP said after the fix the seat only moves halfway. That ain’t fixed.

OP, undo your repair, put everything back the way it was when it was broken, and take it back to Ford and tell them yes, dammit, it is broken and it needs to be fixed yesterday because improper seat positioning is a safety hazard.

I’ve got in touch with ford and taking it further, the dealer was appalling