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Ford F150 transmission

I was driving on a particularly rough dirt road when I foolishly bottomed it out. At which time I stopped to check it out and everything seemed ok, But when I started driving again I noticed my gauges bouncing and jumping (but it drove just fine). So I checked on the battery and found that one of the cables had come disconnected. I reconnected and the gauges went back to normal. But when I went to drive again my truck shuttered and wouldn’t accelerate with any power until I got up to speed (around 15-20mph). It has been about week and I have all other gears park, neutral, reverse, but only 3rd gear (i think). Oh and the o/d off light on the column shift is blinking. It is very sluggish and shutters on acceleration, and won’t shift out of whatever forward gear it has, which again I think is 3rd gear… it sits about 2500rpm at 40mph, and about 3000rpm at 50mph. So if any body has any advice I would greatly appreciate it.



I think you had better get the truck to a good independent transmission shop. When the o/d light is blinking on and off, this is a sign of a transmission problem.