2016 Ford Explorer Sport - Paint defect

Bubbling paint edge of hood.

We did our best to warn Car Talk readers with this focus story.

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You might check if you can get in on the class action suit. Apparently Ford has know about problems since the early days of using aluminum panels.

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It is common problem on aluminum hoods, it is not rust it is some kind of aluminum corrosion . WE got this on our 2014 dodge Grand caravan which a lot of people have an issue with. At least they backed it and bought a new hood and had dealer paint it for free . So far I havent seen a reoccurence .

Good info above. OP, are you able to post a photo of the problem? That will give us some guidance what to tell you, whether to just accept that paint bubbles a little sometimes, or that the problem really does need to be addressed.

Going forward, to have your best chance at preventing a recurrence, suggest to apply wax to the paint job twice a year, and hose the paint surface with a forceful water spray on a regular basis, weekly.