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2016 Ford Explorer paint bubbling isn't covered

I have a 2016 Ford Explorer Limited edition, the paint bubbles started to appear last spring, when I contacted Ford dealership they told me that salt could be a cuase of that and I am not covered, it is ridiculous. It is almost new car, it has 26k miles on it.

Is it caused by Rust or something else? Dealership is saying salt - which means rust. But that makes no sense since that would mean it’s rusting from inside-out.

Are there any places the paint was removed by a scratch or stone chip?

Where is the bubbling occurring? How much bubbling?

Where is bubbling ? It might not be rust but aluminum corrosion. A lot of makers have not figured out how to paint aluminum and make it last. Have a 2014 Grand Caravan and got paint bubbles on the hood which is aluminum . Took it to the dealer because this seems to be a common problem on these vehicles. FCA did cover it and they got a new hood and repainted it even though it was out of the 3/36000 warranty , had almost 60000 miles on it.So far so good . Sad Ford won’t cover it . If they dont cover it , talk with your money and never buy another FORD again .

I’ve got some homework for you. I’m relatively certain you’ll find some help here…
(This forum has a link in it to a 22 page Ford Technical Service Bulletin published for use by Ford dealer technicians and staff. Ford dealers should be able to access a copy.Take a look at it and compare what you’ve got.) Here’s their link…

Hope this helps get you started.