2012 Ford Explorer bubbling hood paint

My 2012 Explorer had signs after first year on hood paint bubbling. No one explained that their was a warranty for this. Is there a class action lawsuit on this? I am having to repair it myself.

Thread dealing with your issue that is monitored by Ford customer service. Some have apparently gotten compensation even when out of warranty. Might want to post your issue there.

I will look into this with Ford. I have the Explorer in the Ford body shop today for it to have process done and painted and it will cost me @ $ 850.00 While on the lot I looked at used explorers and saw the same problem on the hoods.

Whom do you think should have explained this warranty to you? I feel your pain, but it is your responsibility to read and make sure you understand what your warranty does and does not cover.

By chance, did you ever make mention of this paint issue to the dealership in 2013? Where they would have made note of it on an repair order or invoice? If so, then your case is stronger to have them fix it for free.