2016 Ford Explorer - how did water get in?

Experienced front bumper sensor failure and some car electronics failure caused by water entering harnes connections causing corotion of connections of bumper sensor connections as well as main harness connections. Ford won’t stand behind this problem even though water should not be getting to these connections. No one can explain how this is happening the plug connections have I ring seal. It doesn’t make sense. Do you have any input of this problem.

Your post doesn’t make much sense either . But your vehicle is out of warranty so the repair is on you .

Were those connections ever immersed in water?
You’ll find essentially two types of connectors used; weather proof and water proof.
I am familiar with the GM implementations; weather pack and metri pack. Almost impossible to find the IP or NEMA ratings on these although they tend to use the two more generic terms above. As the name implies, weather proof connectors are sealed against rain and splash ingress but are not water proof. If you immerse them for more than a few minutes, water will get inside.

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Let me add. The car sits in the driveway. I have a work vehicle. So it’s a weekend car. Purchased it new on October 28 of 2016 . So it’s 3 1/2 years with 17,000 miles. Never took it off road.

Have you checked any Ford Exporer forums? A forum dedicated to your brand/make of vehicle may shed light on if others are having this issue. At 17,000 miles I’d be wanting Ford to help out, too.

Did they check if the terminal seals were installed?


Ever drive it through deep puddles in the road during or after a relain storm?

It seems to me that you still have to take the car to the auto mechanic.