2015 Ford Explorer Sport - Coolant leak

2015 Ford Explorer Sport. Small coolant leak. Took to dealer. did research after advised a heavy engine tech would be needed. Found out about water pump issue and lawsuit although never advised about this by service writer. My vehicle was number 11 in line so they knew about issue when I dropped off vehicle. Luckily I got extended warranty but my vehicle only had 57,000 miles on it. Got car back after a month. Now vehicle very slow and seems naturally aspirated, not a twin turbo. My daughter had car while I was out if town and upon picking me up even she asked why my car was so slow now. Anyone else have this issue?

Nope, don’t have this issue. You, however do, so what are you going to do about it? I’d take it back to Ford and tell them they must have left something off or open because the car won’t build boost. Why would I do that? Because they were the last to work on it AND you have a warranty.


Thank u for the advice. I did take it back and service writer drove car for about 2 miles and said it was the way it was supposed to be. I know my car and not the same. Update… Battery was dying and replaced it yesterday and started fine. drove it to store after parked for a bit and started fine. Went to start it this afternoon and wont start. Electronic functions are acting weird. Hatch wont open at all. Tried to jump car but still wont start. Don’t know if its the auto start switch or something else.

Ask your shop to check for phantom drain current draining the battery when the car is parked, key removed. For the turbo problem, that make me think guess there may be a problem w/the inter-cooler.

Again, thank you soooooooo very much for replying. Not even close to being a mechanic but can follow direction very well. To me, cars are like humans, there may be some small differences in all of us but we all break down the same way. I’m sure some doctor has seen your medical issue before as some mechanic has seen your car issue before mostly. That’s why the internet is so great because people can communicate these issues otherwise the dealers and manufactures might not be as honest. With that said, as I stated, Ford has an issue with water pumps and currently there is a class action suit for this issue. Service writer knew this when I brought my car in but said nothing. I even asked to check my refrigerant system because air getting warm and I live in Las Vegas and this is so necessary. Was told it is a sealed system and nothing could be done. Seriously was told this. After getting car back air went completely warm. Took car to local shop instead of dealer and was told refrigerant at .03 level. Refrigerant added and air works fine now. Wowwwwwwww. Sorry to ramble but so irritated right now. Now to my issue. Took battery to store I purchased it from and battery was fine. Came home and reinstalled and car started. I forgot to add that a headlight bulb was out and I purchased the wrong one. Got the correct one and installed it prior to replacing battery and car started. Bulb was out when trying to start prior. Tried to start again and it wouldn’t start. Reconnected battery a few times and car started again fine. Drove it around and started again fine. Hadn’t checked it today but hopefully it starts. Gonna take to a local speed shop and put on a dyno to further find info on turbos. I do know that my gas mileage is horrible as I stated because engine works soooooo hard now. When I checked using car diagnostics, it showed 14 mpg. Thank you again for replying. Regardless of what happens, it feels really good to get some of this off my chest.

It sounds like there might be a problem with the body control module.