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2010 Dodge Grand Caravan shuts off while driving

Our van shuts off while driving. This means I have no power to brakes or steering. The only warning light that comes on is the traction control light. Therefore when hooked up to diagnostics there is no information. We have had it to 3 different places with no results or answers. We did have the ignition switch recall performed. We have filed claims with Chrysler with no answers other than arbitration and with the NHTSA. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. I’m not real excited about having no choice but to put my girls in this vehicle to drive to school and work.

I’d take it back to the dealer that did the ignition switch, they could have put in a bad one, or done the install wrong.

Intermittent problems like this are some of the hardest and must frustrating to solve since you can’t locate the real trouble until it shows up again. Usually that is at the worst time you want it to act up.

You have a small clue about the problem with the traction warning light. Lack of power to something is causing the warning light to turn on. I would study the factory wiring diagrams to see what areas could be causing the bad connection to power and make the traction warning light turn on. The trouble could be with a relay or wire connection between the power panel under the hood and the ignition switch. The trouble could also be after the switch and the dash fuse panel. One thing you could try yourself is to use a screwdriver handle to tap on suspected trouble areas while watching for the trouble to occur. Start with the panel under the hood and the wiring from it. Then move on to the ignition switch and fuse panel in the dash. Hopefully the tapping will cause the problem to pop up so you can pin down the trouble.

The TIPM would be a prime suspect. It supplies power to everything and is a know problem. is devoted to FiatChrysler vehicles and has lots of info. There is a forum specific to minivans/Pacifica, where I have found help over the years for my late Plymouth Voyager and present Chrysler Town and Country. Best of luck.