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2017 Dodge Journey - Stalls

The car starts no problem but the RPM gauge flicks as the engine revs and then stalls out. The car runs ok when it is in motion but a stop light or any stop the engine sputters and then eventually will stall. Put in neutral, then park and can re start but that isn’t safe or the best option when trying to make a left and avoiding oncoming traffic. I’ve stopped driving it as it is not safe to drive. We are a US military family currently in Belgium and Dodge has been unwilling to return messages to advise us on what to do. So a vehicle with 14k miles on it sits

I don’t know if there is anyway to get Chrysler to honor the warranty when a vehicle is taken out of the USA. Perhaps the base JAG office could tell you.
Is there a Fiat Dealership near you? I think Fiat sold this vehicle as the Fiat Fremont, whether they will repair it under warranty I do not know, but they MIGHT be able to repair it at your expense.

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Have someone try cleaning the electronic throttle body.