2016 Dodge Challenger whine

when it is cool it whines real bad in the rear like the old 60s and 70s did like it may be coming from universal joint or rear gear when car gets warm it stops also from 1st to 2nd slow shifting when cool

hard to read without caps or punctuation

A whine is not usually U-joints, it is gear whine from the differential.

If this car is still under warranty, I’d get it into the dealer ASAP to have that checked out.

Sometimes the rear end gears dont get meshed just right when assembled and will cause this . Not sure what they would do about it other than replace the rear diff .

Unless the OP has racked-up an incredible number of miles in just 2 years, he should still be covered by Chrysler’s Powertrain Warranty. If he attempts to repair this problem at a facility other than an authorized dealership, he could wind-up voiding his warranty.