Dodge Dakota

My truck started making a whining noise when you give it gas my mechanic said its normal wear and tear on pinion gear to fix need to rebuild rear so go ahead and drive then when it goes out we will deal with it then I have a 2001 Dodge Dakota with 144140 miles does this sound right

Transmission type? The manual 5-speeds can start whining when in 5th gear…As for the rear end, I would check the rear-wheel bearings and the pinion shaft bearings, see if there is any slop there…next step would be to pull a sample of the rear end gear oil and take a look at it. Any sign of metal particles in it? Has the gear oil ever been changed?

truck is automatic a couple weeks before noise started they put on back brakes and axle gaskets and a brake cylinder

Did they put on axle gaskets because oil leaked out and ruined the rear brakes on that side?

That could have caused your differential to be low on fluid and damage the gears causing the whine.

I have the same differential whine in my '99 Dakota. Try changing the lube, but I doubt it will help a lot. Short of a rebuild there’s not much you can do.

Check the lube ASAP. Maybe the shop didn’t refill it correctly after the repair.