2016 Chrysler 200 - Loud Steady Hum at Low Speed

Between 15 and 30 MPH, my 2016 Chrysler 200 makes a loud, constant, steady hum. It doesn’t change with speed, gear, neutral, while turning, or with the road surface. It’s always the same, kicking in right at 15 without fail and dropping off between 25 and 30. It has 60K miles on it. Any ideas or suggestions? I’m stumped and it’s stumped quite a few mechanically inclined friends that have been in the car with me. Any thoughts, questions, or suggestions are really appreciated. It’s pretty generalized but it’s definitely coming from the front end.

Swap the tires front to back and take it for a spin. Did the sound move? Yes? You have a tire problem. If it stays at the front, likely wheel bearing going bad. Less likely, the rotor and pads are vibrating, even less likely, a cv joint is going bad.

Test the tire move and report back, please.