2016 Chrysler 200 - Consumes oil

using over a quart of oil very 1000 mile. Dealership keeps wanting to do a consumption test 3 times be fore they will do any thing about it.

Of course they do because that is what the parent company requires . If you want results then that is what you do.

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If this car is under warranty, then that’s reasonable. Make sure you don’t let the oil get too low at any point, of course.

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How is he supposed to do that while having an “Oil Consumption Test” being done ?

If it hits the “add” mark during the test, then I’d bring it to the dealer and have them add a quart of oil and make a record of it. I’d be surprised if that couldn’t be done quickly in the service check-in line without an appointment.

You can’t check the oil during the test, everything is sealed with tamper proof devices, they don’t want you to be able to drain or ad oil while being tested.

I have observed one of these tests, and the Toyota dealership sealed the oil filler cap. The car owner was instructed to bring the car to the dealership weekly for the oil to be checked–and added if necessary.