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2016 Chevrolet Impala - LDW works only sometimes

Lane departure warning on my 2016 impala only works intermittently.

Just how bad of a driver are you that you think it should warn you more often?

Using your turn signal to change lanes cancels the warning.

This is not the kind of dialogue I had in mind. My driving has nothing to do with the problem with my car, I like all the options to work.

Is the problem new, or is the vehicle new to you and has always done this? I may be able to offer some insight if I know the answer.

i bought the vehicle new, the problem started a few weeks ago.

cleaning the car don’t help.

2016 still has warranty , use it .

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I realize you have been using it for a while but I don’t know how familiar you are with the way it works. If painted lines on the road are faded it will not work well. There is a time of year the painted lines are faded making the system not as effective. Water and rain on the roads also can decrease the efficiency. Make sure the actual lenses are clean.

I think that your response was VERY inappropriate.

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LDW works if you drift into another lane, but not if you make a more assertive move into the other lane. A good test might be to find a road where two lanes merge into one. When I test drove a Toyota Avalon, I had to fight the LDW to merge my way. You have to gradually cross the line between the lanes as they merge, and LDW on your car might react as my test car did.

That is a good explanation of how lane keeping assist can work. However, Lane keeping does not fight you if you have a blinker on. Most lane departure and lane keep assit systems I test now also offer three warning types; Audible only, vibration, and “assist.” Assist is the one that pushes back while you steer. The other two do not push back, they just alert.

Volvo is right. You will need the help of the dealer on this one.

This is not necessarily a helpful response without having adequate information.

A 2016, built as early as 07/2015, with a 36/36 bumper-to-bumper warranty, very well could be out of warranty.

Is your vehicle still covered by warranty, probably the bumper-to-bumper warranty or an optional extended warranty?

Even if it’s out of warranty, would a regular mechanic’s shop be able to work on it? Has LDW become common enough that it’s not a dealership specialty item?

I doubt it.

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Does the system work differently now than it has in the past? Has the car had any fender benders, even minor taps in a parking lot? It doesn’t take much to knock a camera out of calibration. Some of these systems need to be aimed to be within 1 inch of the target at 100 yards. That’s pretty accurate.

You missed the point! The point was that, without knowing the warranty status of a vehicle, the individual with the problem was told that the vehicle is covered by warranty and therefore should go to a dealer for warranty service.

It could be that the car is under warranty and it could very well be that the dealer is best equipped to repair the vehicle, but the owner should be asked about existing coverage and/or advised that it could simply be a no charge solution or that a diagnosis and estimate for a remedy will be billed at dealer labor rates.

Not the first time (ask my wife!). Yes, it is true that the vehicle could be out of warranty now (I hadn’t factored the build date of potentially 7/15), I still think the OP will have to take it to the dealership since it’s such a specialized system

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