2016 Camry Leak in the trunk

Hello in this picture is my pressure vent. It works and does its job as it should but anytime it rains or such water starts pouring in from the edges of it and it creates a little pond underneath it. What can I do to fix this? Should I get a new one with a new seal on it? Someone told me elsewhere that it’s supposed to fill up like that but that had to be the dumbest thing I ever heard

From the edges that go through the body?
Either remove and reseal, or run a bead of silicone around the outside edge behind the bumper cover.

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Yes from the edges inside the body, by remove and reseal what do you mean? If I were to go for the silicone route is there a recommended silicone to use for this sort of thing?

It’s probably just held in by clips. You have to remove the rear bumper cover to access it. Pretty much any silicone sealer should work. No guarantee it’s a fix, but worth looking into, especially if the leaking is bothering you.
P.S. hope this is a better answer than the yota fan boiz gave you on TN.

I just don’t want it to start rusting and such. Plus wiping it out everytime it rains or you wash your car is a pain. Don’t think the guy really understood what I was talking about and maybe I didn’t make it clear enough. You’ve helped me in the past on TN

I’m guessing you are referring to the aperture in the trunk that allows air to escape to the outside when you close the doors. Makes it easier to close the doors. Probably has some sort of one-way function so exhaust gas doesn’t come into the car through the same hole. Isn’t that located near a rear wheel well, and actually opens into an area between the interior side of the trunk and the car’s exterior body panel? If so, my guess, that isn’t what’s leaking. Something above is the leak-source, likely a problem with a side marker light.

I’ve looked it over from top to bottom inside and that is indeed the place where it’s coming in from.

Did you run water over the bumper cover and watch for the leak? In your first picture the leak appears to be coming from the square plug above the vent, that would be the bumper cover bracket.

I’ve ran water over that spot several times at this point and nothing seems to be leaking through the bumper bracket clips

Run a bead of sealer over the spot that is leaking.

The only entrance seems to be is around the tail light but it doesn’t seep through the back of the tail light. It’s almost like the water is trailing behind it and making its way to that vent. When I pour the water there and look inside I can see the water beginning to leak through the top clips and from the bottom of it. I’ve heard those vents get loose over time due to the gasket wearing downs

In most sedans, all the rain water that hits the roof and rear windshield while driving runs down & into a channel at the top of the trunk, then is routed around the trunk and over the tail-lights. Open the trunk for a look-see, you’ll see what I mean. Lots of water goes over those tail light areas. So a tail-light leaking is a pretty common thing. Especially if it has ever been replaced.

How would it make its way over to the vent then? It’s clearly got water coming from the bottom of the vent and top with no water visually coming down from the top at the time. I dried it all up before running water over it so that was fresh water in that little puddle. As funny as it may seem as well lately we’ve had a few light rains and I’ve seen not any water in my trunk since. Seems like it’s tied to heavy rains or large amounts of water

Suggest to post a diagram of where that vent is located w/respect to the tail-lights and side-marker lights. the reason you are getting some doubt here about that vent being a leak-source is b/c I think this is the first time we’ve heard of that being a leak source. Commonly reported leak sources here are tail-lights, side-lights, windows, antenna mounts, sunroofs. You could use the forum search feature to see if there are any past reports of this part leaking, link upper right this page.

I’ve seen a few post about it and a few videos on the topic. Some have left comments elsewhere mentioning they have had the same issue. They either replace it or put silicone around it. The gasket around it wears down and degrades

Someone’s over thinking this ! Take off the bumper cover and run silicone around the edge where it goes thru the body and call it a day. If it still leaks investigate further.

No I’ve thought no more about it, it’s clear that it’s coming in through the vent and anyone with decent vision can see that in the picture. Just responding to comments! I’m just waiting on a friend to help me do it, he’s taken way more bumpers off than I have

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In the first picture there looks like there is a water line coming from up above. in between the 2 red plugs and coming from the square piece. why not caulk everything really good from the inside of the trunk? It would be a lot easier.

Done ran water over that area a good few times and nothing has leaked from that area

Monday I will be getting it taken care of so from there I’ll go forth with results