Water leaking in around the spoiler getting into the trunk

I have a 2001 Pontian Grand Prix. Rain water is leaking into the trunk around the spoiler bolt holes. I have tightned it up as much as I can without oulling the studs out of the spoiler. I have been given 2 possible fixes for the problem. The first fix was remove the spoiler, clean off the bottom o the spoiler and the trunk,lid where they meet with wax and greaser remover. Then, put clear silicone caulk on the deck lid and reattach the spoiler. The 2nd fix was to remove the spoiler and put the tape like you use between the truck and a truck cap to seal ,out the water. The tape would go between the spoiler and the trunk lid. Any thoughts?

When installing a spoiler, you are supposed to use clear silicone on it before you tighten it down. Obviously that was not done which is why it leaks. Take it off and do it right.

I agree with the original post. Do one or the other, but do something.

I vote for silicone sealer. I installed a spoiler with it and never had a problem.

You can use the hillbilly fix. Drill a hole in the trunk to let the water out.

Instead of drilling, use the water to bathe in the trunk! It works almost as well as one of those fancy “cement ponds,” Jed had.

I appreciate you remarks. The spoiler was removed by the dealer when the car was new.It was repainted and reininstalled. I will take your advice. Thanks!!