2016 Cadillac SRX - Hit the wall

Either a faulty brake switch or faulty cruise control has total collision with concrete block wall on August 7,2020.

How can either one of those cause a vehicle to run into a block wall :thinking: .


I would say a loose nut behind the wheel could cause that to happen but not the other two.


Maybe a faulty brake switch cause the cruise control to fail to disengage. Braking didn’t overpower the engine quick enough to stop before the brick wall.

Look out oak tree, ur in my way.

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I cannot tell if you are just complaining or looking for answers to a problem that happened almost 4 months ago. You want answers you need to provide way more info than you have given.,

Or are you fishing for information as a means of trying to determine a route for possible litigation? The only thing I can read here is that you might be trying to say you hit a wall because the cruise did not disengage.


I hope the wall is OK.


Were either implicated in the crash analysis done by the repair shop? How do you know one or both were the problem? Those items ate out of warranty and I’m not sure what Cadillac will do for you.