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2006 Cadillac Surge

I was parking my Caddy with my foot on the brake. I know it was on the brake and it didn’t slip. All of a sudden the car surged forward and hit a building. My foot was still on the brake,but it hit so hard the air bags went off. My car sustained over $ 13,000 in damages. I am only five foot and couldn’t possibly have put that much pressure on the accelerator even if my foot slipped, which it didn’t. Has anyone heard of this malfunction on a 2006 Cadillac CTS?

Not on a Cadillac, but on a Ford I knew someone that this happened to. Only they ran over a set of gas pumps while pulling into a gas station. In this instance it was caused from a defective Idle Air Control motor. With this person too, their foot was on the brake pedal when this happened.


Which Ford? I had a 1994 Grand Marquis (4.6L V8) that the idle air bypass valve failed in the stuck all the way open position. It would go down the road at 45 MPH with your foot off the gas, however it was still very possible to safely stop it with the brakes.

I don’t see how your being only 5’ has any bearing on this.
Do you drive with your right foot only (switching from gas to brake), or do you use both feet (left for brake, right for gas)?

Did you get them to pull the data from the “black box?” It would tell if the brake and/or gas pedal was applied before and during the impact.

You need to file a complaint about your car with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, via their handy website:

If other people post the same complaint regarding the same model Cadillac, it could result in a gov’t mandated safety recall of that model. That process could take a long time, but even if you have already repaired your car, you can then be reimbursed for the repair costs that you incurred.

If you don’t report this problem, then a recall is less likely.

1993 Taurus.