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2006 Caddy brake failure

Has anyone, while parking, had their 2006 Cadillac lurch forward while their foot was on the brake. It really didn’t slip off. Even if it did, I’m only five feet and couldn’t possibly get it to full throttle. I hit a wall and sustained $13,000 in damages. Help!

This was already asked and answered. Why are you posting this question again?

Your previous question and the responses can be viewed at:

You didn’t answer my question from your other post.

I don’t see how your being only 5’ has any bearing on this.
Do you drive with your right foot only (switching from gas to brake), or do you use both feet (left for brake, right for gas)?

Did you get them to pull the data from the “black box?” It would tell if the brake and/or gas pedal was applied before and during the impact.