2018 Buick Enclave - Time for trans fluid?

My car has 28k miles on it. I’m wondering when is a good time to do a transmission fluid change. the transmission temperature gauge on dash shows a temperature of 200 to 205 degrees F is that proper?

Your owners manual says 45,000, most people on this site recommend 30,000 miles for transmission service.
As far as transmission temperature, I don’t know, but sounds okay to me. There was question on another thread where their car would report engine oil temperature.
I find it very irritating that manufacturers include this information without indicating normal temperature range.

Apparently the transmission in the Enclave is causing more problems than normal. Multiple posts in the Enclave forum mention GM has a new fluid type, and many of the posters in that forum say the new fluid definitely helps.

If there is a new fluid and it were my car, I’d get the fluid changed. And I would make sure GM’s new fluid is used.

After that, I’d follow the maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual, or perhaps every 50K miles. More often if towing a trailer.


Yes, that is proper. You want a similar temperature as the engine coolant temperature.

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I’m not seeing any issues so far with the transmission. Only when I go down hill the 2018 Buick Enclave seems to slip a gear as it comes to stop and then go. Once riding on the road, it seems to pick all gears smoothly

Car was sold in first quarter of 2018. I assume it had the new fluid, but thanks for your thoughts…i will change it myself at the next opportunity i get .

Change the fluid to keep it that way. Once you notice issues the damage is done.

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LOL …thank you

How much transmission fluid should I do a drain and fill? How many Quarts?

The two most common thread “themes” that we have in this forum are essentially these:

I didn’t check my oil since the last oil change a year ago, and now there is no oil left in the engine
I have never changed my transmission fluid, and because the trans is not shifting properly I just had the fluid changed, and there is no improvement

Waiting to change the trans fluid until there is a problem is almost always… too late.
The veterans of this forum are firm believers in preventive maintenance, and that includes changing the trans fluid every 30k miles, or so. And, it is vital to use the correct-spec fluid, rather than some “magic” trans fluid that can supposedly be used in all transmissions.

Simple drain until it stops draining , then fill until you reach the full mark .
You have a vehicle still under warranty why not just have the dealer do it . You will not have fluid to dispose of and it will be on record for the driveline warranty if you have a problem in the future.


When I see this I wonder how many people don’t know how to open the hood let alone know what they are looking at if they do.

Yes, but let’s not forget that a lot of people are of the “I never checked the oil on my previous cars and I never had a problem, so why should I check the oil on this car” mindset.

They may have been “lucky” with lax maintenance on other cars, but that luck might not hold on their next one.

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I just called the dealer ship - they are saying its a completely sealed system for transmission. There is no drain bolt to drain the trans fluid. The pan has to be dropped and then resealed.

If your Enclave sees severe service, then changing by 30,000 miles makes sense. If normal service, go with 45,000 miles.

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I will add to JT’s excellent advice that any significant amount of city or suburban driving is severe service.

Before listening to the amateurs on this board, watch this.


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Ol’ Pat “if it moves, flush it!” Goss. His sponsor (BG) makes a chunk of its money pushing flushes. @Tester , are you saying a full fluid exchange every 30k isn’t enough? (not drain and fill) I’d bet 99.9% of transmissions that got a fluid exchange every 30k would never have a fluid-related problem.

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Maybe, but you didn’t answer my question.

Dexron-VI ATF is specified in the owner’s manuals for 2018+ Enclaves, which use the 9T65 transmission. There is a Dexron-HP (High Performance) fluid, used in situations where low temperature fluidity and potential fuel economy are priorities (according to GM–note this may apply to both VI and HP), and that was first used in 2018 in the 9T50 transmission (according to Wikipedia). Perhaps this is the “new” fluid that has been mentioned above. It is supposedly backward compatible with Dexron-VI (but don’t take my word on that). Just doing a drain and fill with the new HP fluid may not get enough of the new fluid in the trans to be an advantage. A full exchange would be required.