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2015 Volkswagen GTI - Warnings

I am Driving Golf 7 Tsi DSG 2015 It shows an Engine sign and says Gear box error sometimes loose power and says apply brake

Then you need to get it into a mechanic before you have more issues.
Using the term gear box indicates, to me, you are not in the USA, so I don’t know if you can have the OBD codes read for free or not. If you can, post back with the code numbers and some of us might be able to make a guess on the source of the problem.


Here’s some basic information that might help: What Does the Automatic Transmission/Automatic Gearbox Warning Light Mean? | YourMechanic Advice One of the sensors in your transmission (gear box) has detected something out of the normal range. As the link notes, high fluid temperature is one common issue, as is a defective sensor. A real mechanic with access to the vehicle can diagnose the problem and give you an estimate to fix it.

it is the same story with the clutches. this is happening to all the VAG group. you should check the Tronik part

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