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Trouble Codes

Does anybody know what’s the meaning of the codes P1544 and P1426 on a 2.0 Volkswagen Jetta GT, 1998, and what is it needed to be done or replaced to eliminate the problem?

P1544: Throttle Actuation Potentiometer Signal too High
P1426: Tank Ventilation Valve Open

These codes just point you to the tests that you need to do to determine which components are at fault. They do not tell you what to replace.

It means about $600 is going to move from your wallet into a repair shops cash register…

Are there any drivability issues with the car??

caddyman, you feeling ok?
You know that this is two different sensors from different systems. So why you bust on this guy? OP the codes can mean different issues. First in you case I would find the closest autozone or chain store that offers free scans. Then reset your comp by disconnecting the battery for 5 min. Then go to the store when the light comes on again. The tank valve issue should take several restarts to show again. The other issue may or may not be a bad tps. Summer can be difficult for the systems ans one of these may go away on reset.

I suspect he has already reset the CEL a time or two…

Thank you. I’m going to check these things to find out what’s the problem and why these codes were activated.