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2013 Sonata Front Bumper broke

So I was maneuvering myself out of a parking lot the other day and scraped the front bumper (they should call it a crusher because they never really ‘bump’ anything) on the curb. When I backed up it pulled the bumper away and broke the mountings in a couple spots along the top right part that’s over the wheel. Short of going to a shop is there any sort of DIY repair for this sort of thing?


I guess you would actually have to look at what part broke and see if you can either repair that or get some other type of fastener to hold it. Sorry I can’t be more specific but I can’t see it from here.

Can you post a photo?
If it’s simply the “shell” (my term) and not the energy absorbing understructure, and the shell isn’t too badly damaged, it should be able to be made presentable at low cost.

As a matter of fact, if the bumper cover is torn you can order a new one over the internet, have it painted at a local bodyshop (he’ll need you “paint code”, which he can easily get of you don’t have it in your owner’s manual), and replace it yourself if you’re so inclined. If you do, you’ll want to ask the dealer’s parts guy for an “exploded view” drawing of the bumper cover installation. He might even print the removal and replacement procedure for you. It’ll be a huge help in locating all the fasteners.

bumper cover is what you mean? a new sonata is quite swoopy.IF you really mean the cover is torn away from the mounting tabs above the wheel wheel, than you are talking about a big piece of plastic. i can see NEW front bumper cover and paint job, $1500 probablyphoto cc_zpsaa6406db.jpg

If you have to ask the question, the answer is no.

This is why you have full coverage insurance and if you do not you should on a 2013 vehicle .Besides any repair you do yourself will most likely detract from the appearance.

You probably broke the plastic bumper mounting insert nuts.


Shipping will probably add another $100, painting another few hundred. $1500 would be the cost of having it done for you.

Again, it’s impossible to guess what’s needed without looking at it, but if it’s just the cover that’s ripped, this is worst case. If it’s just the fasteners, it’ll be much cheaper to fix.

FWIW to anybody reading this, I fixed it myself. Picked up some 2-part epoxy at the local hardware store, positioned my car in the garage so that I could wedge in a couple pieces of wood, epoxied the loose part to the stable part, positioned the wood to clamp it tight and let it sit overnight (I know 15 mins would’ve been fine but I was tired and it was past my bedtime). Anyhow it’s been almost a month through all kinds of crappy winter weather and lots of miles and it’s still holding. Except for a slight misalignment on one end of the seam you’d never know what happened. I used Loctite Epoxy Plastic.

nice to hear of your success