2015 Toyota Prius - Where's Fob?

Is there anything that can help me find my fob for my Toyota Prius 2015?

Other than looking for it? Not really.


However, I have a suggestion for the OP, so that–hopefully–this never happens to her again:

Decide on a specific, designated place in your home where you will always place your keys/key fob.
For several years, I have used a hook on the bottom of my kitchen bulletin board, but in the past I used a bowl, into which I could place my keys and other objects.

Disagree with me if you will, but I think that all-too-many people essentially scatter their keys/key fobs at random when entering the house, and I just can’t understand that type of irresponsible behavior.
How difficult is it to simply designate a “standard” place for these objects, and then consistently place them in that location?


You need to retrace your steps, wife lost a key a couple of weeks ago, her sister found it in the snow. Things end up in odd places for odd reasons. Start with where you last remember having it. A metal detector may help.

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Check the purse you used when you know you last had it. You’ve done that already, but check recesses it may have fallen into. If it’s not there, you may have it in a jacket pocket, or may have set it down in a convenient spot to deal with something urgent. As @Barkydog said, retrace your day the last time you drove it.

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If this is a hypothetical “If I should lose it in the future” question, then yes there is. It’s called a Tile. It’s a little sticker that you put on the keyfob (or anything else you don’t want to lose). Whenever your phone is near, it communicates with the Tile sticker and stores the sticker’s general location. You can display that location on your phone from anywhere to get you to the rough area to look in.

When you’re trying to find exactly where it is and you’re in the general area, you hit a button in the Tile app, and it makes the sticker ring so you can track it down.

As an added bonus, if you lose your phone but you have your Tile-equipped key fob, you can double-tap the Tile to make your phone ring. :wink:


sounded like a good idea, so I looked it up… to find it is something like a half inch thick !!!
I would not call it a sticker at that point…

I used to place it on the top of the TV stand next to kitchen door to the garage and was finding keys there every day… until once they disappeared 2 minutes before I was to drive to work, and sure enough I had an important meeting around 9 that day.
After 15 minutes of searching everywhere, I found it - under the coach, together with other toys my daughters cats chased into that place and left as “unreachable / not interesting anymore” :slight_smile:
Now keys go on the dedicated keys hanger I placed next to the door, high enough from the ground.

Maybe ask this guy?


If your Toyota is like other ones it could take all day to find if it fell to the floor of the car. A flashlight may help and you really have to search closely for it. I tell people to never drop anything in a Toyota.

It has sticky stuff on the back that you can use to adhere it to surfaces. It’s a sticker. :wink:

But yeah, of course it’s a little thicker than the stickers your kid’s teacher puts on his homework. It has electronics inside that need the room.

Here is a situation where the old days were better. My 1954 Buick had three positions on the ignition switch: off, on, and lock. Unless you used the key to turn the ignition switch to lock, you didn’t need a key. Most of the time I didn’t use the key. I just flipped the switch from off to on, stepped in the accelerator which engaged the starter and was on my way. Unless one was really familiar with the Buick, there was no key visible in the ignition switch. Besides, a self respecting auto thief wouldn’t steal the car. He would want the challenge of hot wiring the ignition. Finally, my Buick was a manual transmission. Even in the early 1960s, there were many motorists who couldn’t drive a stick.

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I’ve always had a specific place for my keys - the pocket of my pants. I’m 68 years old and I’ve never lost my keys.


And what are you going to do if you throw the pants in the washer ?

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Move my keys, wallet and comb to the pocket of the pants I’m wearing.

… if Dakotaboy remembers that vital detail.

I actually have more than one pair of pants. Lay out clean pants, transfer belt and contents of old pants to new pants, put on new pants.

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If (ultimately) you can’t find it, got to eBay and buy a brand new one at under $100.
Now get Techstream (around $20-$30 @ Amazon) and you can mate the new fob to your Prius. Also, have the new emergency key cut by locksmith ? $20 ?. Total cost around $150… Which is an unexpected expense, but better than a punch in the face, or, what you friendly local $tealer would charge for the Fob + programming + key cutting. (And, now you own Techstream!)

Did it only come with one? I keep a spare for each vehicle. The ones I bought new came with two and I had a spare made by a locksmith for the ones I bought used. Also they have a battery and a circuit board that can fail. I keep some of the batteries on hand, in the refrigerator.

I kept a spare key in a wallet for a while, then thought if I loose my wallet, here is my address on my drivers license, here are some credit cards, some cash, and a key to my car.