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2015 Toyota Highlander - Won't start

If I let my 2015 toyota highlander sit for 2 days it will not start. It makes a tapping noise and does turn over only once and the all the lights flash. This started on evening when I was going to a class, I was sitting in my car with the doors lock. I opened the door to get out and the alarm when off. I tried to start the car and it made the tapping noise and dash started flashing

If it does not turn over at all you have a electrical drain on the battery killing it . Is it turning over ? You didnt give much for details.

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The battery is failing, have it tested.

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As @vipergg mentions… you dont give us much to go on here. For all we know it doesn’t start because you aren’t trying to start it, based on your post.

However suppressing my natural wont to be a Wise A$$ we need to know if it is dead battery wise or if it has a strong battery and turns the engine over normally and will not start… Two entirely different scenarios and until we know which…we are as stumped as you are.

I have taken it to the Toyota dealer and they tested the battery and stated that it was good

You seem to have two threads running at the same time… but anyway.

OK…lets assume your battery is in fine condition and is healthy and fully operational. Now you need to charge it… preferrably while it is unhooked from the vehicle… just remove one lead from batt and charge it.

The next item is to verify the health of the alternator… It is responsible for maintaining the charge of the battery. When they die or begin to die they can actually be able to charge the batt and yet they then can drain the battery overnight on you… Or they work intermittently… They can can actually fail in many ways.

You need to have that figured out.

In spite of what the dealer told you . . . in my opinion you have the symptoms of a battery that failed catastrophically and without warning

For now . . . unless I hear otherwise . . . I’ll assume you still have the original battery

If your car was built in 2014, that battery is now well over 5yrs old, and that’s a typical battery life, especially for a factory Toyota battery

We’ve owned several Toyotas since new, and 4 - 5 years is all you get from that factory battery

If you’re a Costco member, just head over there are swap out your junk battery for a new one. They have all the common sizes in stock, and you could swap it out in the parking lot in just a few minutes. Not only that, they have pretty much the best prices and warranty policy