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2015 Highlander

Continuing the discussion from 2015 Toyota Highlander - Won't start:

That tapping is what the starter solenoid will do when given insufficient power to operate.

So you are indeed describing a vehicle no start due to low battery power. If you charge the battery and it starts normally… then leave the vehicle to sit a day or more and it will not start again with the same symptoms…then you have a parasitic draw on your electrical system.

You need to figure out what item is draining the battery. Well honestly you need to figure out the health of the battery first…then charge it… then test for what component is draining the batt.

Most common item to drain a battery like this, I have found… is the alternator itself…which is kind of ironic since its job is to actually maintain the battery at full charge. However Alternators can fail in ways that actually drain the batt when at rest… and batts can fail internally where they are unable to be charged fully and or cannot provide full power…

You need to figure out a few things and let us know

Why the new thread?

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