Car won't start - maybe a lack of gas problem?

I shipped my 2007 Toyota Highlander overseas, and the shipping company had to drain the gas tank. Car was idle for about 3 months during shipping. When the movers brought the car to my house, the car was running (so they presumably put in enough gas to get the car to my house), and they parked it in my driveway. The next day when I tried to start the car, it wouldn’t start, but all the lights came on. We added gas to the tank, checked the battery, and car still won’t start. Any ideas on what to do next? The car is in Asia, and I don’t know any good mechanics here yet that I can trust. So any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

What does “wouldn’t start” mean. You turn the key and…?

How did you check the battery?

I turned the key and the lights come on and I can hear the engine click, but it doesn’t start. I checked the battery by connecting a jumper cable box thing. I think if the battery was the problem, when I turned the ignition with the jumper box thing connected that would have jump started the car. But, nothing happened. So battery could still be a problem, but jumping it didn’t help.

I’d check the battery and also inspect the battery cable ends (where they fit against the battery terminal posts, not the external surfaces) and not put all of your faith into a jumper box.

Check the battery cable terminals/battery posts for corrosion and to be sure they are tight. If all this checks out check the cables to make sure they are clean and tight at the grounding point and starter. You might also want to have the battery load tested to be sure it hasn’t gone bad.