2015 Subaru Outback - TPMS with spare?

I don’t believe features like that are available via email.

Posters that originate from Car Complaints receive an email for each reply and often reply to each email, after they are told to “hush” because it appears to be a duplicate reply they seem to disappear and never return. @cdaquila Is that an effort to keep traffic down? I don’t think anyone would feel welcome here if they are told to stop posting.

If you’re asking me if we as moderators are trying to drive traffic away, I think I have been very clear that I want more people here.

I don’t think the rhetoric is to hush so often as it is to inform the poster that they can lump all of their replies into one post instead of multiple posts when the posts are essentially duplicates of the same thing. I’ve been watching those responses for awhile now and I don’t think they are really so hostile as a “don’t come back because you’re repeating posts”