2015 Subaru Crosstrek - Transmission

there is a noise in the front end of the car,gets worse when i brake, no shaking. went to dealer they said it is the transmission. car is 2015 crosstrec. 48.000 is that normal

No, it is not normal for a transmission to have problems this early.

that is what i thought and so does my son. We thought it was a Wheel Bearing? it is under warranty but still. seems weird

Your transmission warranty probably expires at 50,000 miles. Let them fix that now. Then if the noise persists take it back.

Yup that is what i am doing keeping all paper work just inc case.

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There is an extended warranty on that vehicle because, sadly, many do fail early. Here is a link.

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It’s a CVT transmission. Some of us don’t trust them and think they are trouble prone so if it is, better get a good diagnosis if the warranty is indeed 50K.