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2017 Subaru Crosstrek is loud on startup

For two days now my car is a bit loud when starting and driving, especially when I back off the gas. Then when the engine warms up it is quiet. This has me baffled. Could it be a bad manifold gasket or something worse?

Unless you have driven a lot of miles since you bought the car, the engine should still be covered by the 5 year/60k mile Powertrain Warranty. I suggest that you leave the car at the dealership overnight, and then have a mechanic observe/listen when you first start the engine in the morning.


Although this probably isn’t the issue, have you made sure the oil is at the correct level?

No the oil is fine. I bought the car used and have barely put on 4,000 miles. It’s just a little under 40,000.

Does sound like a leak in the exhaust - maybe a loose exhaust manifold or a cracked one. Once heated up the gap closes. Warranty.

Thank you this confirms what I was thinking but going to take it to the dealer.