2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek - Going Through Brakes

We’ve got, which means my wife drives, a 2014 Subaru CrossTrek XV with 76k mikes. We have replaced the rear brakes twice, and are about to replace rage front brakes for the second time, We bought this car used in 2015 with about 15,000 miles. The brakes let us know wen they need to be replaced by making this god-awful squeak which immediately goes away when you step on the brake pedal. This car has the cut, and Neither of us drives with two feet.
We’ve bought used Subarus many times and have never had an experience like this. In checking the web it seems that this issue is not at all common. My wife is so aggravated that, after we fix the front brakes THIS time, she wants to sell or trade it and get another car. What do you think?

Well first of all I have no idea what that means . Second as to keep or trade the only opinions that matter are your and your wife , it is that simple.


“This car has the cut” was a typo. I have no idea what it means either.

By not driving it’s two feet, I mean that we both used our right foot exclusively, so there’s no chance of driving around with the lady foot on the brake pedal, causing excessive wear.

Maybe meant has CVT transmission

I have never owned a car with a CVT, do they provide less engine braking?

put on a set of pads. 20$. learn how to do it.

[quote=“DonaldWiggins, post:1, topic:146323”]
god-awful squeak
[/quote] is not a sign of worn brakes. Worn brakes make a gravely sound. What you are hearing is the pads vibrating which means the backing shims or coating has worn down. That may be due to cheap pads being used.

Make sure your mechanic is only using high quality pads and rotors, is making sure the sliding pins are working properly, regreasing them if necessary and using new brake hardware.

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Brakes are a wear item and as such, wear away. Just because a previous car didn’t wear out brakes as quickly doesn’t mean this is excessive. In the grand scheme of things, if this, tires and oil changes are all you are paying for, stop complaining and drive on.

I don’t think 2 brake jobs in 76,000 miles is excessive.

Which is exactly what it is supposed to do. A little metal strip touches the brake rotor when the pads are worn down. This strip rubs the rotor and makes a very annoying noise so you will get your brakes fixed before the rotor itself is damaged by the metal backing plates. Because of the configuration of the brake, these often lose contact when braking and then touch again with brakes off.


I guess we have a different definition of “god awful squeak”. I’ve had a few wear down to the wear strip and it nave mad that much noise. Most of the time I didn’t hear a thing but did hear the gravely sound when the pads were completely gone. Each time it was a god awful squeak, it was the pads vibrating. A little anti-squeak would cure it.

Yeah, my dad’s driven right through the squeaky tab until the pads were grinding. I’ve had it happen myself on my Avalanche - no noise even though the tab was touching, but no pad lining, either!

In theory it is supposed to annoy you into checking your brakes. In practice, it might not be so effective.