Car randomly wont start

2003 Rav4 randomly wont start. The dash lights and ac turn on. The starter doesn’t engage at all. Would this be the starter or ignition? Thanks.

How old is the battery?
My first suspect would be the battery.


How old is the starter? Toyota starters are known to wear out the starter solenoid contacts, resulting in an intermittent no-start. I’d first check the battery cables and connections, and try starting in neutral to make sure it’s not the switches in the shift mechanism.


Ill go test that.

I have no idea how old it is. Thanks for the advice people

Thanks for the advice. It started in neutral. Battery is good sand the terminals are good. Wouldn’t I hear a click if it was the contacts? I’m not getting any noise when this happens.

If it started “normally” when you shifted to neutral, that would seem to point to a bad Neutral Safety Switch.


Thank you.

I didn’t test it in neutral when I was having problems in starting in park.
The car is only having problems starting every few days.

If there is a problem with the park/neutral switch, the “P” indicator will not illuminate in the instrument cluster.

It is likely that the starter is failing.

Thank you.

No, I didn’t get a click noise when this happened to my Toyota.